Air ankle splint s is often used to treat ankle sprains. It contains padded air cells in a plastic frame that fits into your shoe. This allows you to walk while preventing the ankle joint from rolling in or out causing re-injury. The Air Ankle Splint are equipped with inflatable and foam cushions so that therapist or patient can choose for what best fits the circumstances.



Provides ankle stability and limits ankle rotation.

Uniformly provides compression.

Air cushions are covered with a flannel textile on the skin side, which improves comfort when in contact with the skin.

The air cells are pre-inflated and provide pulsating compression while walking, helping accelerate rehabilitation.

Creates a more comfortable and more effective customizable fit.

Can be used on either the left or right ankles.

Is memory free, meaning this brace won’t cause the formation of pressure points against bony prominences.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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