The Big toe bunion guards covers your bunions, protects and cushions them a whole day. Big toe bunion guards work to cushion the side of your foot and keeps your foot from friction, rubbing and pressure. They are made of flexible and durable gel, which is odourless and no irritate to your skin



Helps ease big toe bunion pain by neutralizing friction and absorbing shock, the gel protectors instantly reduce skin irritation and cut down on the risk of infections, calluses and corns.

Made of a medical-grade gel, which is latex free, stretchable and reusable, after wash it with hand, dry by air or disposable napkins, apply with baby power.

Big toe bunion guards are made of stretchy gel, durable gel allows it to keep in shape ever be worn for many times. The elastic gel applies a gentle cushion to the foot.

No slip design fits over your big toe to hold the shield in place. Bunion guards will not slip off when be worn on big toes. Wear socks to keep it better in place.

Thin design fits in most footwear styles and helps make shoes more comfortable, fits either left of right foot.


Washable & reusable.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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