These pads are effective in alleviating the discomfort caused by callus, corns, blisters, and conditions such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, capsulitis, forefoot bursitis, sesamoiditis, and fat pad atrophy. Their soft gel silicone distributes the pressure on the feet uniformly and makes the user feel better when moving around or standing. These Pads also feature shock absorption. It absorbs average foot stress and shock frictions. Metatarsal Pads help realign your metatarsal heads and the fat pad that’s underneath them.



Breathable Metatarsal Pad are made of high quality, durable, flexible and very soft Medical grade material which adapts perfectly to your foot and can be worn comfortably during any activity.

Breathable Metatarsal Pad don’t slip from your feet, have an ergonomic design, reduce pressure on the front foot and is very soft though strong and resilient, suitable for walkers and joggers.

These amazing Pads are reusable, as well. Breathable Metatarsal Pad can be used inside socks, tennis shoe boots, and all kinds of daily footwear. It’s suitable for running, walking, hiking, cycling, and other activities.

Designed with special air holes across vented gel pads. Its design allows air to circulate, move freely, and make the heat more bearable even while you are active or stand long hours.

Metatarsal pads are particularly helpful in treating capsulitis, sesamoiditis, and neuromas.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers  requirement.


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