Catheter Mount connects patient ET to breathing circuit. This minimizes the jerk of breathing to ET or TT reducing trauma to trachea.



Connector types of Smooth-bore tube: Straight, Elbow, Double swivel with or without Elastomeric cap, Luer-lock etc.

The purpose of the Catheter Mount is to reduce the drag on the Endotracheal tube or Laryngeal mask by transferring the weight of the breathing system away from the patient.

15mm standard tubes allows ultimate flexibility during operative and clinical procedures when patient manoeuvring may be required.

22mm F/15mm M end connectors allow for secure fitting to all Y piece meeting the approved standards.

Suitable for use of anaesthesia, respiratory and resuscitator.

Have different sizes, suitable for paediatric and adult.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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