Cervical orthosis is commonly used by patients who have had a surgical intervention of the cervical spine, to immobilise the neck. It is also used for the treatment of neck pain, caused by acute trauma or chronic pain. It is used in Cervical Spondylitis, Burns care of the cervical region, Cervical vertebral fractures, cervical disc disease, post-operative care, post-traction stabilization. Other applications are Fractures of The Cervical Spine, Cervical Disc Disease, Post-Operative Care, Post-Traction Stabilization, Extraction and transportation of the accident victims and also used in Ortho/Neuro Conditions, Requiring Firm Immobilization of The Cervical Region. It Limit the Flexion and Extension Movement of The Cervical Spine and Provide a very effective immobilization of the area.



Ensures complete immobilization and perfect comfort.

Frontal opening allows it to be used in patients with tracheotomy.

Helps in good ventilation of the neck area.

Swollen balloon shape makes it an ideal collar for treating burn patients.

Hypoallergenic materials ensure no rash or allergy even on prolonged use.

Compatible for geriatric use, it improves compliance.

Soft cushiony matrix, odourless and non-absorbent.

Allows it to be used by burn or trauma patients.

Made of Ethafoam which is durable, Hypo-Allergenic, light in weight, and easy to clean. The frontal and the Rear Splints are anatomically designed to support the neck.

Hand Wash with mild detergent and water, do not dry clean, iron and bleach.

Available in four sizes small, Medium, Large and XL.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.



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