Contoured cervical pillow is used by patients suffering from cervical spondylosis. Also used for cervical spine, low back pain cases and cardiac patients. It supports the neck and relaxes the neck muscles and ligaments. The cervical pillow is the best for people who suffer neck pain. It provides better support to the neck.



Made of high-quality memory foam relieves pressure and adapts to the shape of the head, spine and natural curvature of the human body. It provides the highest level of comfort and effectively relieves neck and back pain and relieves these stiff shoulders promote correct alignment of the human spine and promote muscle relaxation and deep sleep.

Breathable outer and inner Cover. The outer cover made of polyester is dustproof, hypoallergenic and highly breathable for ventilation. So you can sleep comfortably and comfortably. The refined zip can be easily removed from the cushion and machine washed.

Healthy, non-toxic, safe to use and does not absorb dust and attract insects. When used for the first time, the cushion may smell a little intense, but it is not harmful due to the fresh foam after removing it from the packaging. Please let the pillow air for a few hours and the smell will dissolve soon.

Helps your back and spine recover by promoting proper alignment and releasing airways to reduce snoring and relieve tension dissipate several days later after the pillow is unpacked and aired out.

Recommended for primary side and back sleepers.

Use the product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor.


One size fit all



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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