Cotton Stockinette Bandage is a latex-free tubular bandage made from 100% woven cotton that delivers 360-degree coverage. Tubular stockinette is used as the first layer of a multi-layered compression bandage to provide protection to the skin, and are available in either standard or elastic varieties. Can be used as a pre-wrap or to hold bulky dressings.



100% natural cotton.

Tubular knitted construction.

Can be used comfortably as a pre-wrap under a cast or to hold bulky dressings in place.

Not made with natural rubber latex.

The roll helps in wicking away moisture and provide adherence for additional padding, bandages, or compression wraps.

The tubular bandage rolls are stretchable, width-wise. This ability helps provide comfort to the patient by allowing freedom of movement. The gauze wrap has threads that adjust to the contours of the body to provide balanced pressure and support over the site.

Can be used as cotton stockinette bandage for sprains, strains and other injuries, knee support/brace, cast padding, knee wrap, bandage socks and tubing.

It’s also an economical way to undergo treatment. The bandage rolls can be washed and reused. Easily reapply the cotton bandage after washing. In this way, one bandage roll can last a long time.


SIZE -5 CM ,7.5 CM ,10 CM ,15 CM

Length can be supplied as per customer requirement starting from 1 meter


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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