The special bevel cut on these disposable needles ensures less pain during injection and minimal trauma. These disposable needles also come with a flexible needle shaft and are made of stainless steel.



Delicately-designed needle-point with features of sharpness, smooth puncture, less damage.

To the tissue, less painful feeling to the patient.

With soft wings for the convenience of fixation.

With large I.D and high flow.

Size distinguished by the wing’s color for the clear recognition.

Soft pulling after the infusion so that the needle can be pulled into the protective.

Sheath so as to prevent the medical care persons hurt by the used needle.

Needle-hub types: PVC hub and ABS hub.

Wing types: Single-wing ABS and double-wing PVC.

Packing types: PE bag or paper-plastic bag.


SHORT BEVEL- 14G,15G,16G,18G,19G

LONG BEVEL- 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G, 28G


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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