Donut seat cushion is ergonomic design for healthy blood circulation in the legs and tailbone and lower back pain relief. Donut Pillow could distribute your weight evenly, and reduce much of the pressure when sitting. Decrease tailbone pain, haemorrhoid pain, coccyx, back pain, or sores.



Ergonomic, promotes good posture and healthy weight distribution for hours of comfortable sitting. The contours promote better weight distribution, blood circulation, posture and alignment no matter where you use it. Can be use on any chair at home or at work, in the car, on the bus, train or plane, at the movies, in your wheelchair.

Stays cool and comfortable. premium heat-dissipating foam holds its not-too-firm, not-too-soft shape even after many hours of heavy use. And since it won’t retain heat like many other memory foam pressure cushions, you’ll stay cool and sweat-free.

Compact, light & washable, this ring doughnut cushion is small and lightweight enough to bring with you wherever you need it – and when you don’t, it’s compact enough to store easily. When you want to clean it, simply remove the cover from your donut cushion.


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