Elbow crutches are an excellent solution for those who have mobility issues but can at least partially bear their own weight; they provide users with significant support while allowing a high degree of independence.



Sturdy, lightweight & Superior comfort to a traditional crutch.

The height can be easily adjusted by removing the push clip and setting it to the correct height, allowing the user to choose the most suitable height for their needs.

Ideal for people with arthritis or grip problems.

Comfortable, pressure distributing handle.

Soft grip handles ensure the users hand cannot slip off whilst aiding with user comfort.


Cuffs add stability to the crutch, they are not designed to support the user’s weight. If worn too high on the bend of the elbow, they are incorrectly adjusted and compromise the safety of the user and stability, integrity & support of the crutches.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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