It supports, immobilize and stabilize fractures of the phalanges and correct alignment of the inter-phalangeal joints. It helps in healing after ligament or tendon injury of the fingers, rehabilitation after burns to avoid contractures and mallet finger problem. It can be used as post-surgical care.



Frog Splint is recommended for hyper-flexion injuries & collateral ligament injuries of Distal Inter Phalangeal joint.

Aluminium body with ethafoam lining – robust, light-weight and aesthetically pleasing.

Easy to wear, can be shaped for firm grip – Anatomic shape and malleable aluminium arms.

The frog style, finger splint is designed to provide natural alignment and support to distal inter-phalange joints in case of hyper-flexion and collateral ligament injuries

Frog Splint has upward curve at tip, protects the distal end of finger. Adjustable Velcro strap. Easy application.

Foam padding ensures comfortable fit.

Common for left & right-hand finger.


Size                             Finger Length

Small (S)                      5.6 cm

Medium (M)                 6.2 cm

Large (L)                      7.5 cm

Extra Large (XL)          8 cm


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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