Hand gripper increases speed, strength and power in the wrist, hands, fingers and forearms. Fast and Cheap Way to Increase Grip and Forearm Strength. Improves performance in sports where your hand, wrist and forearm strength are required – Rehabilitate your injuries, help prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Ideal for sports enthusiasts and athletes for increasing, hand, wrist, forearm and finger strength.



Used to increase finger, hand and forearm strength and stamina.

Durable chrome-plated steel spring provides medium resistance Made from Steel Spring Coil Resistance.

Handle covered with foam for comfort provide a firm non-slip hands grips strength.

Ergonomic & ambidextrous design makes it suitable for lefty or righties, men women, seniors, teens and pre-teens, and children, depending on age.

Excellent recovery & rehabilitation tool for arthritis, carpel tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, post-surgery, tennis elbow, wrist sprains and broken fingers or wrists.

Chrome Plated Spring The spring of this hand grip is coated with chrome to make it resistant to corrosion for increased durability.

Best for Bodybuilders, artists, musicians, construction workers, tennis players, golfers, power lifters, MMA / wrestling athletes, rock climbers, tattooists, craftsman, work workers, plumbers, office workers with lots of computer time.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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