Hot and Cold Reusable bags are used in sudden headaches or joint pains, weekend hangover, sore muscles and other knee pains. A patient can get hot or cold therapy by just putting hot water or ice in the bag and lock it securely.



Conveniently ease discomfort from muscles and joint pains.

Quick relief from swelling and painful inflammation.

Help alleviate pain, aches and soreness.

No mess treatment due to leak-proof secure-lock system.

Its superior quality material and leak-proof design makes sure that the problem area remains dry so you can prioritize relief.

Bring comfort to annoying headaches and sore muscles Abdominal.


Cold Compress is recommended when the injury is recent, within 72 hours, this will help reduce the local pain and prevent further swelling of the injury by constricting the flow of blood in the surrounding area, the cold can also numb down the nerves and reduce the pain.

Hot Compress is then recommended for treating injuries after 72 hours, at this point warming up the area of the injury would promote and improve blood flow to help speed up the healing process, Limit the application of heat to not more than 20-30 minutes, and be sure not to fall asleep when using a heating pad.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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