This belt is prescribed for patients with injured/broken ribs or sternum, offering middle and upper back support, providing elastic moderate chest fixation. Immobilizes, helps to reduce post-traumatic pain especially while breathing. Designed for rehabilitation period after chest injuries, creates optimal conditions for postoperative wounds healing, accelerates postoperative scarring formation. Effectively reduce any kind of chest pain after the trocal surgery or any other possible rib and sternum traumas.



Breathable bandage repeats your anatomical shape, fitting around your ribs precisely according to your body form.

Optimal placement on the chest, designed to hold the rib cage in right position and to ensure proper posture while reducing everyday pain caused by sudden movements.

Gives excellent stabilization and support for rib and sternum while injured, also providing necessary compression to treat hernias.

Has adjustable velcro and shoulder straps for the firm fixation and special fabric insert that provides the moisture removal from the body surface

Helps to treat intercostal neuralgia and myositis of various degrees and localization

USAGE: Used as prevention against muscle overload during exercises. To wear bandage properly, lie down on your back, fix the fasteners, using the elasticity of the bandage to achieve the maximum effect. Can be worn on garment or directly on the skin. Degree of fixation and duration of wearing is to be prescribed by doctor. 30° hand wash only.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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