Stomach Tubes are used as a diagnostic tube or to administer medication and relieve painful gas. Made from special siliconized PVC tubing, it has just the right amount of flexibility; it won’t become rigid in cold weather and will not soften or kink in hot weather. Each tube has a funnel end to make attachment to a drench pump quick and easy.



Made of the finest grade of medical vinyl tubing available for excellent flexibility in all climates. Rounded at the entry end for ease of passing.

X-ray opaque line throughout the length

Available in a range of sizes:

Foal (9.5mm x 210cm)

Small (12.7mm x 270cm)

Medium (15.9mm x 270cm)

Large (19.0mm x 300cm).

Note measurements are outer diameter of the tubes.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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