Dorso lumbar Spinal Brace (Taylor Brace) is used in many spinal disorders where comes the need to ensure total lumbo-dorsal immobilization and the need to maintain the spine in a neutral position. This Dorso Lumbar spinal brace, often known as Taylor Brace provides the ideal support for injuries to the thoracolumbar area. It provides relief and support for Herniated



Clavicle straps correct the shoulder posture while ensuring the better fit.

Rigid, anatomic customizable, splints , improves durability, maintains the spine in neutral position, Perfect fitting, Enhanced immobilization, Improved comfort.

Ergonomic design, weakened dorso lumbar spine due to tuberculosis, allows wearing and tightening of the brace by the patient without the aid of another person.

Adjustable Shoulder straps – Correct the shoulder posture, ensure better fitting, Ensure no loosening, no slippage of the brace.

Convenient sizing, available in two heights, ensure better Dorso -lumbar immobilization. One universal circumference, one size fits all due to large hook loop panel.

Double elastic panel allows better compression and fitting of the lumbo sacral region – Easy application and removal of the brace.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.



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