This urinary drainage bag used for patients requiring catheters and who are able to ambulate on their own. This urinary drainage bag allows catheters patients to drain their urine to a portable storage bag strapped to their leg. Later, the urinary leg bags can be drained at a convenient time and place. A twist value provides for easy emptying when the time is right with minimal spillage.



Inlet tube:

Smooth surface and kink-resistant.

Tube length available as per request.

With conical connector with steps, provide an easy and firm connection to the drainage catheters.


Available with outlet Push-Pull valve, Screw valve and T valve.

Push-Pull valve/ Screw valve: for easy emptying and minimal spillage.

T valve: for easy one-handed bag drainage.


With non-return valve to avoid the back flow of urine, increase patient safety.

With graduated scales printed on.

Color with White or Transparent.

Bag capacity with 500/750/1000ml.

With latex –free elastic straps pre-connected to each bag, convenient for tying on thigh with optional elastic straps.

Available with Non-woven Back side, maximize patient comfort.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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