Wrist cast cover is a convenient way of protecting casts, dressings & bandages against water exposure showering. They are suitable for baths and showers, outdoor weather protection. Can be used to protect casts & bandages, lacerations, IV/PICC lines and dermatological conditions.



Tight elastic silicone and not easy to tear material is what keeps cast and bandage dry while bathing or shower.

Humanized Design, elastic silicone flange will not cut off blood circulation. No need for tape or straps. Easy pull-on / off.

Reusable, protection cover is reusable and thick, durable surgical rubber won’t rip or tear. And it can be used with cast, bandage and surgical boot.

Cast cover is flexible and comfortable with extra space for free movement, which is non-slippery and will not stick to your body parts.

The cast cover fits most adult’s parts size, applicable for hand, short arm, wide short arm, long arm, foot, short leg, wide short leg, long leg, knee parts.

The cast protectors are intended for single patient use only.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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