Suction catheter is used for patients with respiratory diseases, general anaesthesia operation, emergency treatment, etc. Also used for tracheal intubation (or tracheotomy intubation).



Closed suction catheter set consists of a three-way valve, a control box Assembly and a suction catheter,

The suction catheter extends from the three-way valve to the control box and is covered in the film. The three-way valve has distilled water delivery port for cleaning after use,

When in use, the three-way valve connects to an endotracheal tube through patient port and a ventilator through the breathing port,

Control box button activates suctioning and suction catheter can be inserted or retracted through the three-way valve into patients airway,

The catheter is graduated for easy identification of depth of insertion.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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