Clavicle/posture support assists with the correction of poor posture and rounded/slumped shoulders. Providing stabilisation to the clavicle area, the support is placed around the shoulders and secured with the fasteners to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. The support aids with correct postural alignment of the dorsal spine by encouraging the shoulders to pull back.



Aids with rounded and/or slumped shoulders.

Improves posture.

Breathable, lightweight, soft fabric for a comfort.

It has a slimline design so it can be worn under everyday clothes.

Adjustable straps for adaptable sizing and fit.

Hand wash only and dry flat.


Measure waist circumference.

Small: 55-70cm

Medium: 70-90cm

Large: 90-115cm


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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