Cot finger splint is designed to provide a strong protective cover around an injured, burnt, fractured, surgically operated, recuperating finger. Made from coated aluminium body which is malleable, can be bent and customized as per patient need. When an injury or fracture happens to the DIP joint or nail beds spoon splint will be an ideal product for the immobilization and straitening of fractured joint. It also helps in preventing the bones from moving unnaturally or out of place and maintains the proper alignment of the fractured finger.



​​Design allows further taping (may be surgical tape), if required

Keeps the finger immobilized in straight position

Malleable, can be bent and customized as per patient need

Light in weight, but very strong and provides rigid immobilization

Provides protective support and immobilization to the finger in case of injury, fracture or burnt.

Ergonomic design with U shape ensures full protection, easy wearing and good ventilation.

Inbuilt hook loop fasteners provide close fitting, excellent grip and clip style design for easy application.

Ethafoam lining gives enhanced cushion and comfort to the user

Easy to use and maintain, good aesthetics, Light weight, durable and long functional life.

Care: Hand wash using cold water and mild soap, air dry in shade.


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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