Elastic Adhesive Bandage or EAB is a fabric tape. It is usually a mix of cotton and elastic. The adhesive is usually latex-based or acrylic. As the name suggests, it has an adhesive backing. Ideal bandage for fixing post-operative dressing and as support strapping post injury and fracture. It is use in sports injury treatment to wrap soft tissue injuries for compression and support. This restricts the swelling and protects the affected area. It can be stick directly to the skin because of its adhesive nature. Unlike a traditional bandage, you don’t need any pins or tape to keep it on.


  • Longer lasting adhesion.
  • Stretches with body movements.
  • Has pores for air circulation.
  • Hypo allergenic and long-lasting adhesive. Polyester release film allows easy unrolling & application.

Widths: 8 cm and 10 cm ,Stretched lengths: 1m and 4m



The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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