Foot and ankle cast cover is an essential aid for anyone with an ankle in a plaster cast or dressing. This waterproof cover is designed to keep the foot dry and hygienic during regular showering or bathing. While a strong, polyvinyl cover protects the cast or dressing from moisture, a specially designed seal above the ankle keeps water out of the cover.



100% waterproof.

Ideal for keeping an ankle cast or injured foot dry while bathing and showering.

Works equally well with ankle braces and dressings.

Prevents cast softening (and eventual replacement) due to water damage.

Improves hygiene, helping to prevent irritation and infection.

Forms a watertight seal above the ankle.

The “seal” is made from a non-latex material and stretches easy to accommodates most foot sizes and casts.

Easy to use, elastic sealed diaphragm will not cut off blood circulation. Recommended for showering, bathing, swimming or outdoor activities when recovering from injuries, surgeries, accidents.

One size fit most adult foot, the hole uses the baggy design so that one size fits all customer requirements. Suitable for most men and women foot.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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