Foot Walker Boot Long (with Airway) is used for immobilisation of the heel, ankle and lower leg following trauma or post-operative. The liner has an integrated air pump, making the pneumatic liner simple to inflate and deflate as required. The air in the liner improves comfort and fit, and helps reduce swelling following injury. The sole has a tread to prevent slipping and is shaped like a rocker to allow for easy walking. Indicated for the treatment of sprains, stable FX, and other injuries of the ankle & foot. Upgraded pneumatic system Quick Release air valve for enhanced compression and pain relief (Accommodates swelling patterns throughout the rehabilitation process).



Our Foot Walker Boot Long (with Airway) have air (Pneumatic) liners which are inflated to help further stabilize fractures and reduce swelling.

Reduce the need for crutches, making it easier to walk and get back to work and daily living.

Can be taken off for washing and dressing changes, less skin problem and less smell.

Our Medical Walking Boot is design for conditions such as stress fractures, post op recovery, sprains, soft tissue injuries, bunions and more.

Quick adjustments for a custom fit and Open Toe area for maximum air flow. Pump the air boot for a snug and custom fit.

Low-profile rocker bottom walker boot encourages a more natural walking gait, controlled ankle movement and stabilization for injury while still allowing you the freedom of movement.

Constructed with a multi strand polymer material for durability & weight reduction.

Versatile fit for left or right foot.


S (8-9 inches)

M(9-10 inches)

L (10-11 inches)

XL (11-12 inches)




Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.



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