Foot Walker Boot Long is lightweight and has plastic moulded uprights with spring steel reinforcement for increased durability. Its shock absorbing insole reduces impact of the heel strike when ambulating. Stabilizer Walker features low profile, rocker bottom which is designed to promote a natural gait. The wide foot bed provides for increased comfort and stability.



Rigid and lightweight Walker.

Good unrolling of the sole with intermedial plane for stance.

Simple hook-loop closures with D-rings for tighter fixation.

Hook protection strips at the upright bars for easier application of the liner.

Additional pieces of foam padding to increase patient comfort.

The boot contoured struts fit each patient’s anatomy for immobilization following trauma and injury of the ankle/foot. The hi-top boot is commonly used by orthopaedists, podiatrists and physical therapists’ post-surgery, and during rehabilitation.

The shock absorbing sole reduces impact through the heel while the rocker bottom ensures a natural stable gait during ambulation.

Foam liner breathes and adapts to swelling.

Standard height, fits both right and left sides.

Color: Black.


S (7.2-8.4 inches)

M (8.4-9.6 inches)

L (9.6-10.8 inches)



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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