Hand resting splint is a supportive aid that is intended to reduce pain and swelling by providing comfortable support and precise resting position of the hands, wrist and the fingers. These maintain the length of the soft tissues and prevent contractures.



Easy to wear and remove.

Ergonomic shape is designed to fit the wrist curve to promote blood circulation in the muscle tissue within the wrist, reduce flexion contractures, and provide relief.

Lightweight resting hand splint is very comfortable with foam padding providing a nice cushion between your hand /wrist area, and the support structure.

Adjustable, clean and washable. Multiple Velcro straps allow you to custom fit the hand brace (right, medium) to your needs and the foam cushion and straps are removable for cleaning as needed.

SIZE:                          WIDTH                      LENGTH

SMALL:                     Upto 3                         Upto 6

MEDIUM:                  3 to 3.5                        6.5 to 8

LARGE:                      3.5 to 4                        8 to 9



USAGE: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuromuscular deformities, Spastic hand condition, Inflammation of the joint, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tenosynovitis, Burns




Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers  requirement.


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