Intubating stylet facilitates quick intubation of Endotracheal Tubes. Helps reduce friction between stylet and the tracheal tube for easy insertion and withdrawal.



The stylets designed for pre-forming the tracheal tube to facilitate intubation.

Made of malleable aluminium which allows the stylets to be easily adapted to the desired shape.

Smooth PVC sleeve permits easy insertion and withdrawal.

Have smooth formed tip which reduces trauma of the tissue.

Single use so reduces risks of cross infection.

Have 3 sizes, suitable for pediatric to adult.


Size (Fr/CH)               Applicable tracheal tube                    Length (mm)

6                                              < 3.5 mm                                310

10                                            4.0-5.0 mm                             390

14                                            >5.5 mm                                 390


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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