The IV Cannula fixator is used to fastens the tube firmly to the skin, whilst the pad covers the point of injection. The dressing allows air and humidity to pass freely. The Material used does not irritate the skin and no traces of the adhesive remain on the skin after removed.


  • Convenient, saves nursing time
  • Prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the dressing that are associated with bacterial growth and hence reduces the risk of catheter-related infection, Prevents infusion related phlebitis.
  • Stretches with body movements.
  • Hypo allergenic and long-lasting adhesive. Easy to use and ensures hygiene.
  • Extra porous provide good ventilation.
  • No traces of residual mass adhere to skin.
  • Extra strip for additional adhesion.

5 cm x 6 cm



The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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