Long arm u splint is used as first aid in case of emergency. It works as Medical Splint roll / Fixed splint roll. That’s why it is also termed as First Aid shank Bone splint. Long arm splints are used in a variety of settings for immobilization of both bony and soft tissue injuries to the upper extremities. This type of splint provides immobilization to the elbow and the wrist. Temporary or preoperative support for a variety of injuries.



Malleable, semi-rigid, light metal splint offers required immobilization support in favourable anatomical positions.

Non-absorbent, closed cell foam padding on one side provides cushioning comfort to the affected body part.

High quality, resilient open cell foam padding on the other side absorbs any accidental shock thus protecting the injured part.

Splint is X-ray translucent.

It is used for initial support of the injured extremity and for postoperative immobilization of internally fixed fractures.

To immobilize joints of the hand and wrist or to protect bony and soft tissues in the forearm.

Common for left & right hand.





Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers  requirement.


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