Lumbo sacral belt is designed to support the lumbo sacral region and it provides comfortable immobilization for everyday use in mild backache. It protects your back from injuries or pain while moving around, performing your daily activities or doing any work. It helps in treatment of low back pain in inter-vertebral disc syndrome (Slipped disc), spinal injuries, osteoarthritis and sciatica. Osteoporosis and related old age lumbar spine problems.



32% Nylon, 38% Polyester, 30% Elastane.

Idea for acute and chronic lumbago, sciatica, herniated disc, chronic muscular weakness, and other conditions causing pain and discomfort in the lower back, and requiring moderate to firm back muscle support.

Durable, lightweight, breathable, flexible, moisture-wicking knit fabric that keeps the body cool, dry and comfortable during physical activity, and provides stability without restricting essential movement.

Adjustable elastic cross straps offer additional strong controlled support while allowing for a comfortable range of movement.

Hand wash with soap and water at room temperature, Dry in shade on a flat surface. Do not dry clean. Do not Iron or Bleach.


Size                                                                 Waist Size

Small (S)                                                        70 to 80 CM

Medium (M)                                                   80 to 90 CM

Large (L)                                                        90 to 100 CM

Extra Large (XL)                                            100 to 110 CM

Double Extra Large (2XL)                             110 to 120 CM

Triple Extra Large (3XL)                               120 to 130 CM




Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers  requirement.



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