ROM hinged elbow brace is used for treatment of elbow dislocation or luxation Stable or internally fixed fractures of the distal humerus or proximal radius or ulna & Immobilization of the elbow , ligament or tendon damage, it’s important to keep your elbow stable and secure after surgery or during recovery. Fully adjustable design lets you control hinge settings. It’s also perfect for elbow dislocations, pre-operative and post-operative fixation, radial fractures, medial and lateral epicondylitis, post-op treatment of prosthesis and supporting the distal humerus.



Safe, Controlled Movement, control your elbow’s range of motion in 15-degree increments for improved stability and recovery.

One-Touch Adjustment, the “Easy Hinge” makes it quick and easy to control your elbow’s range of motion. It also offers a cooling wrap design for comfort.

One Size Fits All (Unisex), the adjustable wrist, forearm, and bicep straps make it easy to size to fit your specific arm. This is for the left arm only.

Along with Velcro straps, each elbow brace features telescoping stabilizers to help you find the right stability and comfort level.

Designed specifically for elbow injuries, this brace is ideal for dislocations, epicondylitis, fractures, rom orthosis, and more.

Recovery from injury or operations faster and with more stability.


One Size


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers  requirement.


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