It is used to conform finger in semi-flexed position for transverse fractures of phalanges when extension is not required. Helps in correction of disfigurement of finger. Prevent re-injury and help injuries heal. Spoon Splint allows for circulation and the foam padding adds comfort. The Spoon splint is designed to rest under the finger.



​​Malleable aluminium lined with blue polyester urethane foam

Foam padding provides patient comfort and eliminates bulky dressing.

Aluminium splint curves upward at tip to protect end of finger.

Open design allows air circulation

Helps injuries heal and prevents re-injury

Sizes allow use for full length or part of the finger.


Size                             cms

Small:                         5.1

Medium:                     7.6

Large:                         15.2


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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