Suspensory scrotal support is designed to alleviate pain in the scrotal and testicle area. Helps to relieve the pain, discomfort and strain of inflamed or sagging testicles. Ideal for post-operative care, palliative care and treatment. Designed to reduce injury and to support the cremaster muscle which adds comfort and convenience for patient, enabling them to live a more productive life.



Soft and elastic waistband and buckle for re-adjustment.

Comfortable and breathable pouch made from absorbent cotton with room to stretch.

The suspensory supports and protects your scrotum and testicles from external contact and rubbing between your legs.

Recommended for large and enlarged testicles, hernia surgery, scrotal/testicle surgery, prostate issues and vasectomy relief.

Size: Please note the waist size is the same and adjustable across all sizes – only the pocket increases in size.

We suggest pocket sizing based on the following scrotum size: Small – golf ball | Medium – pool ball | Large – tennis ball | XL – baseball | XXL – softball | XXXL – grapefruit


Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.


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