Bunion and toe realignment require a long-term treatment. Toe Separator cum Bunion guard help to realign your toes gently and gradually while provide you instant relief of bunion pain. It could be worn when sleeping, walking, running and working. Gel toe spacer helps separate and align first and second toes that rub together, while gel bunion guard cushions and protects big toe joint.



Made up of soft and elastic medical gel, skin-friendly texture. Soft gel pad protects the foot bone from friction with shoes, reasonably split the big toe to relieve the discomfort of the second toe.

Split toe and protect big bones. Separate the toes with the high elasticity of silica gel, reduce the squeeze between the big toe and the two toes. Soft gel pad protects the foot bone from friction with shoes.

Curved slit design for better relief of pulling pressure. The design incorporates the principles of motion mechanics, relieve the discomfort of the toes, soothe thumb overlap squeeze pain symptoms, suitable for toe separation, hallux valgus, bunion protector.

Made from 100% silicone. Soft and stretchable, stress-free, easy to clean and reuse, easy to clean with soap and water. Special texture softness makes it comfortable to wear in shoes or barefoot during day or night.

Please clean it on a regular basis to promote foot health.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers requirement.



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