Tourniquet provides maximum comfort for the patient. Perfect for use during routines such as drawing blood and insertion of cannula. Simply tighten the tourniquet around the patient’s upper arm and use the quick release buckle for rapid removal.



Flexible adjustment and quick-release button, One hand operation with an automatic release. No pain when tightening the tourniquet.

Durable securing clip.

Comfortable, soft and elastic polyester strap

Designed with patient comfort in mind. one-hand operation allows no pinching, catching or jamming.

Proper tensile strength strip to make sure it could stop the bleeding and not to affect you move.

Highly Flexible, convenient and safe. After disinfection can be used again.

Multifunctional, can be used in military, medical aid, artery bleeding, etc. Different situations require different medical attention; hence, we have made sure that our tourniquets are completely adjustable to help in any type of situation.

Easy to carry, lightweight space-saving.



Note: The product features and specifications may vary depending upon customers  requirement.


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