Nasopharyngeal airway, also known as an NPA, nasal trumpet (because of its flared end), or nose hose, a type of airway adjunct, is a tube that is designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure an open airway.



Maximum kink-resistance helps to ensure a patent airway.

Made of medical soft PVC, non-toxic, flexible design, Latex free.

Smoothly finished and rounded edges, less nasal trauma, maximize patient comfort.

Smooth surface facilitates insertion.

Tube with flared end preventing the device from becoming lost inside the patient’s nose.

Blue trumpet type with rounded tip for increased patient comfort.

Suitable for neonate, infant, child and adult.

Size identified on the tube.

Intended use:

It is used to maintain an open airway, by inserting the tube into the nasal passageway. When a patient becomes unconscious, the muscles in the jaw commonly relax and can allow the tongue to slide back and obstruct the airway. The purpose of the flared end is to prevent the device from becoming lost inside the patient’s nose.

It is used by emergency care professionals such as EMTs and paramedics in situations where an artificial form of airway maintenance is necessary but it is impossible or inadvisable to use an oropharyngeal airway, the preferred type of airway adjunct, or intubate, considered the most certain way to secure a patent airway, but the most medically invasive. In an unconscious patient, suction of the upper airways may also be applied via an nasopharyngeal tube.

Insertion: The correct size airways is chosen by measuring the device on the patient: the device reaches from the patient’s nostril to the earlobe or the angle of the jaw. The outside of the tube is lubricated with a water-based lubricant so that it enters the nose more easily. The tube is inserted until the flared end rests against the nostril.


3.0mm             14fr                 6.0mm             26fr

3.5mm             16fr                 6.5mm             28fr

4.0mm             18fr                 7.0mm             30fr

4.5mm             20fr                 7.5mm             32fr

5.0mm             22fr                 8.0mm             34fr

5.5mm             24fr                 8.5mm             36fr

9.0mm             38fr



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