Who We Are

Welcome to Pinnacle-Care, a global leader in healthcare solutions! Operating under Khemsons Trading and Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products worldwide. With a rich history of success in the domestic market in India, Pinnacle-Care has seamlessly transitioned into the international arena. Our extensive experience and dedication to quality have positioned us as a trusted name in the global market. We understand the dynamic nature of customer needs and have meticulously tailored our diverse range of products to meet and exceed those expectations.


At Pinnacle Care, we are committed to enhancing lives through our comprehensive range of medical offerings. Our surgical products are designed with precision to meet the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance in the operating room. Explore our rehabilitation products that empower individuals on their journey to recovery, fostering well-being and independence.

Pinnacle Care takes pride in delivering top-notch Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that form the backbone of pharmaceutical excellence. Backed by a commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to be your preferred partner in healthcare.

Products Offering

We export various types of surgical disposable products, wound care dressing ranges, Rehabilitation products, APIs, Cold chain equipment and COVID-19 products. The company also provides customized products as per customer needs. We at pinnacle-care ensure that clients always get their purchase in a timely manner and as per their requirements. Our main objective is customer satisfaction through our robust and streamlined process. We provide favorable business terms by using standard Ts and Cs to make everyone aware of their rights and obligations from the outset and allow the parties to focus their energy on agreeing on the specifics of a particular order. We also provide comfort that you are contracting on terms you can comply with and make it easier to conclude contracts. 

Pinnacle-Care Mission

To provide healthcare solutions that enhance patient care globally, setting the standard for excellence in quality and innovation.

Pinnacle-Care Vision

To become the first choice for all surgical disposable products, wound care dressing range, Rehabilitation products, APIs, Cold Chain equipment, and COVID-19 products for our clients worldwide. Assuring consistency quality and timely delivery at a competitive price every time, providing customized solutions and services to meet the changing requirements of our customers.

Customer Services

Our level of customer support can be assessed on the basis of our long-term cooperation with customers based in INDIA/ABROAD. We value our clients and are eager to ensure the highest level of customer service, as well as mutual understanding and maintain full responsibility when it comes to dealing with clients. We also provide marketing support in the form of products or items such as calendars, pens, key chains, notepads, tote bags, magnets, and other items like these. These products place a visible reminder of your company in front of your prospect at all times. They will offer more space for promotions and information about your business then a business card.

Discover how Pinnacle-Care can be your healthcare partner

Reach out to us to discuss your requirements, explore our product range, and experience the difference of quality healthcare solutions.